Global Custodian

Global Custodial Services Ltd (GCS)

is a specialist financial services provider offering a portfolio of client money services and payment solutions to businesses across the world. Since 2013, over £1.3bn of client money has been successfully arranged, managed and safeguarded by GCS.

GCS offer bespoke services in the following areas:

Client Money Services

GCS can arrange to open client bank accounts which are completely segregated from existing company funds and other client funds. This ensures that all inbound and outbound transactions have a clear audit trail & are related specifically to that client only.

  • Enable clients to open multiple bank accounts in accordance with FCA regulations.
  • Segregated bank accounts with real time access to cleared funds.
  • Dual bank accounts for subscriptions & cleared funds.

International Payments

As part of the GCEN group, GCS offers a variety of services to provide a simple, cost effective way to send international payments whether it be employee Payroll, redemption payments or one off payments in various currencies.

The online portal is designed to streamline the payment process and allows authorised users (with various levels of permission) to check, instruct and upload individual or multiple payments enabling you to submit Straight Through Processing (STP) payments w...

International Collections

Whether you're transacting locally or internationally, our global collection platform allows you to transact worldwide seamlessly.

  • GCS eradicate cross border related fees by providing local bank accounts and payment facilities to clients and their investors.
  • Collect local payments in most currencies using local bank transfers, debit cards and other specific payment facilities.
  • Streamlined collection processes using an integrated online portal allowing clie...

FX Hedging

Many funds have share classes and assets denominated in currencies other than a fund’s own base currency. Foreign currency hedging is the mitigation of risk associated to future movements in the exchange rate.

The bespoke hedging solution is tailored for each client and can easily be integrated to work alongside existing custodians, prime brokers and administrators to avoid any disruption to the fund’s current day-to-day procedures.

This provides a simple solu...

FX Services

Through our sister company, Global Currency Exchange Network Ltd, over $4bn of FX is transacted per annum which in turn enables GCS to offer clients the most competitive rates.

GCS have a global banking network with local banking relationships in 3 continents, meaning we can improve efficiency and payment times.

GCS also work with multiple liquidity providers to ensure we are always offering the broadest range of currencies and maintain exceptional execution throu...

Integrated solutions via API

In the current investment environment, seamless online integration is vital in order to communicate with investors effectively. GCS has developed APIs to allow easy integration into client platforms thereby removing the need for the development of costly in-house client payment systems.

The GCS API is used to configure your very own online bespoke payment solutions for receiving, accruing and releasing funds for all investment projects on your platform.

GCS operates...



GCS understand that security of funds is paramount for all clients especially Investments funds, Trustees and pension companies, often more essential than the savings made from our cost reducing payment services and competitive rates of exchange.

All transactions are processed using our secure and innovative payment systems and operated using Santander dual signature chip and pin ‘smart cards’. To further enhance the security of transactions, the payment authority function can be held with the client and not with GCS.

Our Offices

GCS offers a comprehensive range of tailor made services to deliver complete solutions across the fund structure range. With offices around the world we are always able to help.

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